Foto Friday: Celebrity Mounted Games

Day 5 of my Journey of the Spirit to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

The best show on the grounds is Big Name Riders doing cameos in the Prince Phillip Cup. For the nonhorsefolks among us that means big people on small ponies playing horseback games at top speed. This works because a) so many eventers started in Pony Club & b) all of them are competitive speed freaks. (I mean this in the nicest possible way. I ride way better in jump-offs than in first rounds. Less time to overthink.) [photos from 2008]

These ponies KNOW these games. Since the goal is speed, the ponies u-turn at the far end of the ring and run back to the start, expecting their riders to vault aboard on the fly. Adults who try to mount in the normal fashion end up with one foot in the stirrup, one foot on the ground, and their pony hopping up and down, thinking, ‘C’mon! C’mon! We gotta GO!’

Leader after dressage: Allison Springer & Arthur
Lanterne Rouge: Beth Perkins & Sal Dali

LINKS to get you started: [There’s way more out there]
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[My system doesn’t do videos well, so you’re on your own there. Many available.]

What was your favorite childhood mounted activity?

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Celebrity Mounted Games

    1. Amy Barrington, C, Hamilton Pony Club, Ontario, Canada
      Stephen Bradley, A, Loudoun Hunt Pony Club
      Nigel Casserley, graduate Pony Club member from England
      Jennifer Feiner, H-A, Buck and Doe Run Pony Club
      Gina Miles, A, Panache Pony Club
      Brian O’Connor, B, Redland Hunt Pony Club
      Doug Payne, A, Somerset Hills Pony Club
      Cathy Wieschhoff, A, Keeneland Pony Club

      My notes are not this good. USPC has the 2008 Summer USPC News online.

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