Mixed Messages

Bad steps are contagious. After Mathilda’s adventure Sunday evening, Rodney was off Monday morning. We suspect he is mildly footsore but having horse histrionics over it. The lunging he has been doing has been proof of concept more than work: halter, no tack, short, mostly walk, microscopic amount of trotting. OTOH, who are we to judge, it’s his foot.

The bad news is, first, he hurts – which is never nice. Second, he’s barefoot now, so he will need front shoes before he does any more work. Or what might pass for work if you squint. Third and long-term, he’s going to be a princess about his feet.

The good news is his attitude. Previously when he was off or ill, he would act jumpy and scared of us. Now, he’s mooching around outside of Mathilda’s pen projecting as much pitiful as possible, “Mop my brow. Sing Soft Kitty.” In general he is calm, trusting us to fix his owie, and sucking up as much bedside attention as we can dish out. It could be an reflection of his preference for warm weather [Frightful] or, just possibly, actual progress in getting through to him.

Two horses, two lamenesses, is anyone surprised?
Gratuitous Kitten Picture

After the first bath.
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