The Secret Life of Horses

A while back, when Mathilda was young(er) and frisky(er), she fell down went boom. I heard a loud noise & happened to be in a room of the house that had a partial view into the run-in area. All I saw were a pair of ears far higher than ears should have been. By the time I ran to the barn, she was scrambling back up. No idea what happened. In unknown order, in unknown combination, we’d had an event, a noise, a spook, a rear, and a fall. She was fine. It occurred to me that if I hadn’t been home, she might have done something, been stiff in consequence, and we never would have known why.

Which is what makes diagnosing animals so difficult. We have no idea what they get up to and they aren’t going to tell us. All we can do is deal with the symptoms and extrapolate.

Let’s say Mathilda is a tiny bit wobblier, or a feeling a little punk. Did I graze her for too long yesterday? Was our walk too far? Or does it have nothing to do with us & she was a strumpet on parade all night [Blustery]? The world may never know.

Mystery animal events in your barn/house?
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