Monday Rant

Back in the Stone Age, when I was showing two horses and living what passed for my wild single life, I would go into work on Mondays, grab the cash box, crawl over to a chair in the corner, and collapse. My co-worker would come in, look and me and say, “Monday?” I would nod, and that would be my social interaction for several hours.

Many years later, I’m neither showing nor single, but I still don’t have the hang of Mondays [Manic, Less Manic]. This particular Monday*, I am annoyed. Specifically, I am annoyed with the “It could be worse” argument. I’m tired of hearing it. I’m tired of hearing friends apply it to themselves. I’m tired of hearing people apply it to me. I’m tired of hearing me applying it to myself.

It could be worse. Yes, but true to the point of meaninglessness. Unless you are a quadriplegic rape victim in a refuge camp in Darfur, it could always be worse. Unhappy with your life? Well, at least you’re not dying of cancer … , trying to feed a family of six with no job …, insert misery of the moment… I’m certainly thankful for all of that. I’m thankful that I can get out of bed in the morning with a reasonable expectation that no invading hordes are due over the horizon. Does that mean I should leap about spewing rainbows because I breath in and out? Don’t get me wrong. Breathing is one of my favorite activities.

Shouldn’t we be more than breathing machines? I don’t mean from time to time, for relaxation and meditation, as a commenter recommended [Spinning Wheels]. I mean as a life plan. Shouldn’t we strive to be more? More productive? More creative? More charitable? More accomplished? More useful to society? If we fail in those strivings, shouldn’t we be unhappy?

I have a lifelong dream dying over here. Aren’t I allowed to be a little bit cranky?

Question for the day: Does ranting help you or does it overly focus on the problem? Would it be better to move on with life or is that repression?
(*Ranted on Monday for Tuesday’s post. I’m a day ahead of myself. Or possibly a day behind. [Cinder])
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