Training Types

Enjoy The Rest
Previous Horse was best on the first day back. I often gave him the day off before a show.

Steady Worker
Mathilda improved as the week went along. We only showed once [see comments] but I always arranged dressage lessons so that we worked for several days beforehand.

Seesaw Horse
If Rodney has a stellar day, he must return to quiet basics. If we do X one day, he cannot be asked for X – or even worse X+1 – the next day. He needs to go back to – if not square one – at least to X minus 4.

Now for something completely different, Rodney hates flies. Loathes them. Pitches a bucking fit if they land on his croup. Back when he arrived, he appeared unfamiliar with maneuvering on uneven terrain. These days, he can violently kick up his heels at a fly while trotting downhill. I never said he wasn’t athletic.

Is your horse (dog, cat, husband) one of these three types?

One thought on “Training Types

  1. Husband is a steady worker, I’m a see-saw. Or he’s the catcher and I’m the flier. Or I’m the twinkle, he’s the hummer. Are most couples this way? I think so.

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