Ghost Who Walks. Horse Who Racks.

Alabama Phoenix Festival Day 2

One of the Guests is The Phantom, the one on the right in purple.

Photo shoot by Matt Young & Aron Dickerson

Hero, the horse of the 21st Phantom, is portrayed by Bud, a racking horse. Alas, Hero did not join us at APF.

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The Phantom wiki
The Phantom tv movie

Who is your favorite super hero?

5 thoughts on “Ghost Who Walks. Horse Who Racks.

  1. That’s easy. Wonder Woman. When MS magazine’s first issue came out she was on the cover. I still have my copy.

    As I tried to follow the then-current culture, You-Can-Do-Anything mistranslated into You-Can-Do-Everything, I kept reminding myself that Wonder Woman was a comic book character and I wasn’t.

    Many years ago, when my mother was in her late 40s, she told me with great excitement that she had finally learned how to say no. I had no idea what she was talking about since No was not then in my lexicon.

    Now, when someone says “you’d be so good at it”, I say “that may be true but I don’t bake my own bread anymore either”. I am Wonder Woman and I can do anything (thank you Helen Reddy), just not all at once.

    Heroines are to live By, not As.

    1. Yes. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. I have problems with this one, particularly in going after writing assignments. After one lands the fish, one still has to gut, clean & cook it.

  2. I don’t remember those splendid shorts being part of the Phantom’s repertoire, but admittedly I’m rusty on the second-tier superheroes …

    I guess I’m predictable in that I tended to like sassy superheroes — those who always had something acerbic to say to their corresponding villains. Spidey, yes, Hulk, not so much. šŸ˜‰

    Also, loved, loved, loved, the original Watchmen graphic novel. Mega dark.

    1. Some horses move at a walk, trot, or canter. Others move at different gaits, such as the pace (Standardbred) or the tolt (Icelandic). Racking Horses have a shared descent from Tennessee Walking Horses. Also the state horse of Alabama: As to the actual pattern of footfalls, I believe it is a lateral gait in contrast to the diagonal gait of the trot. Any breed experts want jump in on Saddlebred vs. Racking Horse & the different types of rack?

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