Foto Friday: Push-button Horse

Alabama Phoenix Festival Day 1

My LUG is exhibiting. While LEGO is not inherently F&SF, it fits in with APF’s mission of “a celebration that spans the realms of creativity and imagination and shows how the impossible is possible for us all!” Plus, the Venn diagram intersection between the two publics is close to a full circle.

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2 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Push-button Horse

  1. I have now been accused twice in 12 hours of using too many acronyms. I blame too many years of living in DC. To translate:
    LUG – LEGO Users Group
    F&SF – fantasy & science fiction
    APF – Alabama Phoenix Festival
    DC – District of Columbia
    I don’t promise to change, that would be aiming too high, but I will try for explanatory footnotes.

    1. Good. However, it is amusing to have to puzzle it out. Or surf it. I learn the most amazing and irrelevant things!

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