Lowercase v for Small Victories

Work: PM Began work on jogging in hand.
Report: Low grade fireworks, despite using a very short stretch, very close to the barn. Uncalled-for but not unexpected. Still, he did not depart in haste once I removed the halter, as he has done before [Advisory].

Ramblings for the Day: I’ll take victories where I can get them. This morning, I had to do the meds. We were out in the field, me fooling with the plunger, Rodney standing next to me ground-tied. The dog took off after a turkey, much to the consternation of everyone, particularly the turkey. Rodney danced sideways but did not run off (victory 1). I fixed the plunger, gathered the leadrope, & moved us toward the water trough. Dog returned. At high speed. From behind. Rodney flipped out, pulled forward, & spun. As an anxiety attack it was not a maximum effort (victory 2). Most importantly, I was able to hang on to him (victory 3). Every time he doesn’t pull away and run off, he learns that he can keep it together and I learn that I can stay on top of it. The dog, on the other hand, is one paw closer to being banned from barn.

I don’t hope to stop all spooking, fussing, and cavorting. At his calmest, he will remain a high-strung Thoroughbred with lightning reflexes. I wouldn’t have him any other way. However, I do hope to tame the explosions from atomic down to chemical. Then, the goal of our groundwork is to establish in his mind a quiet space that we can return to and reboot.

Ever success is a feather on the scale, but even feathers add up over time.

What is your most recent lowercase v?

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