Foto Friday: Signalment, Chestnuts, & Trichoglyphs

[Terms for the title & captions taken from a post on Horse Identification by Ed Kane, PhD, on the site]

Work: day off. Sewage tank issues. The joys of country living.
Report: exhausted. Why is it so tiring to watch other people work? And to write checks?

Ramblings for the Day:

Linda Tellington-Jones propounds a theory that swirls in a horse’s hair can predict the personality of the horse. Rodney is a two-swirl horse. I’m not saying I buy into the theory, but the description is eerily accurate. Let’s hope it is also predictive:

“Two swirls adjoining, either one above the other, or side by side — these can be above, between, or below the eyes and are sometimes set at an angle to each other: Horses with this tend to be more emotional and over-reactive than average. They tend to become upset without apparent reason, and at unexpected moments. When such horses blow up, the best way to handle them is to back off and allow them to settle. Punishing them doesn’t help; in fact it usually only aggravates the behavior more and can even bring on more resistance. However, Linda says, a horse like this can be a great horse; she has had some of her best show horses with this configuration, but generally, horses with this pattern are not ideal for inexperienced riders”

My LTJ books have gone missing, so I cannot confirm if this a quote or a paraphrase. Taken from a post on Horse’s Personality from the National Barrel Horse Association Florida district 1 site. I would modify the above, ‘without reason apparent TO HUMANS’. Whatever a horse does makes sense to the horse.

What unique markers does your horse have?

One thought on “Foto Friday: Signalment, Chestnuts, & Trichoglyphs

  1. I’ve witnessed a couple of Rodney’s ‘upset without reasons’ episodes. In the aftermath, he seems as confused about what just happened as the rest of us. Oh well, as another great philosopher once said, “I am vast, I am full of contradictions.” Maybe Rodney is as well.


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