A Thing of Beauty

Work: PM1 heat therapy/PM2 company walk.
Report: The gentlemen joined the ladies for the first part of the mare walk. I would have said that Rodney was pulling on the halter more than circumstances required. Greg saw it as a 17+h Thoroughbred having trouble gearing his long legs down to strolling speed for a 15+h geriatric Quarter Horse. They went back to the barn and we proceeded. At aphelion on our final lap, Rodney crested the horizon at Mach 2 with his halter on and leadrope blowing in the breeze. Therefore, I’m gonna vote that my analysis was closer to the mark.

Ramblings for the Day: Rodney & Mathilda eat twice the amount of hay that Mathilda and Previous Horse ate. That means four times the amount of manure spread over eight times the area around the feed buckets. When one has more fertilizer than land and weather can process, one needs a drag to spread the piles. Voila:

Build from two fence posts & a leftover bit of fencing and driven on its maiden flight by my in-house mechanic. I tell you, he’s a keeper, the occasional horse fit not withstanding.

What is your favorite piece of farm equipment?

2 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. I like wheelbarrows, as they are useful for all kinds of things dirt and plant related, manageable because of their design and also pretty in the field. They made a fun vehicle for my nephews when they were toddlers.

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