Superbowl Sunday

Work: PM1 heat therapy/PM2 Greg & Rodney joined us at the end of the mare walk. We circled the entire field. First time in a while.
Discussion: Weather continues warm; horse continues mellow. He was halfway along the continuum from pulling like a train to totally relaxed. So, progress.

Ramblings for the Day: Although I would prefer to share brilliance and originality, I gotta go with Maxine on this one, “No matter who plays the Super Bowl, I root for the Clydesdales.”
For cartoons, Like Maxine on Facebook.
For Budweiser Clydesdale info, if you are legal.
For Budweiser Clydesdale info, if you are not.
(Hint: for better hits, surf Anheuser-Busch, rather than Budweiser, Clydesdales.)

Which is your favorite Clyde commercial?

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