Work: PM heat therapy & short grooming
Evaluation: Cold weather puts him in a mood. Some days it’s better to just walk and come back tomorrow.

Went to a Western used tack sale and bought two wool saddlepads: A Navajo-style plaid and a inch-thick felt. Rodney appears to enjoy warm over cold. He loves his heat therapy and his tude goes up as the temp goes down. So, if/when I ever put a saddle on him, thick wool might do a better job than fleece or modern pads in keeping his back warm and loose. I also have sheepskin halfpads, both real and faux, but was not impressed with them on Previous Horse.

Anyone tried Western tack on an English horse or vice versa?

5 thoughts on “Crosstacking

  1. Himself was broke with western tack, switched to english when once well started. Each time he was out of work any length of time,back to western. In fact Mike rode him in western tack in the Wolf clinic before he went there. He never wore anything but a snaffle bit.

    1. I keep forgetting that. He’s such an English-style horse, the image of him in a Western saddle won’t stay in my head.

      1. I also keep forgetting that when I comment from my IPad, I am not logged in. Therefore the above does not show up as me. Going back to sitting on my hands now.

  2. Mike’s introduction to English riding began with my horses. Whenever he is anticipating anything shall we say exciting he is more comfortable in his rough out breaking saddle. Most of the WP horses he rides are 15 ish hand size. Considering distance down, stride length and speed. Himself wore that western saddle several times. Keep Mike in mind whenever he is acting foolish. He is not foolish.

  3. I dunno. I don’t see horses as English or Western. Not usually. I do think some horses are better suited to one way or the other, but should be perfectly capable of doing either whenever asked. Especially in the beginning. Personally, I favor a Western saddle when trail riding, but where I live pretty much colors that choice. Here, a Western saddle isn’t a style statement as much as it’s a functional piece of equipment. An English saddle … not so much. So if a little extra security is what you’re looking for, I’d go with a nice basic Western training saddle and worry about picking your style later. But that’s my opinion.

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