Caution Feral Horse

Work: none. Heat therapy already. Will groom later.

Rodney has had 7 out of last 8 days off, with little more than meals & a pat on the nose. My first horse developed complicated stable management diseases if I gave him even one day off. I hired a barn rat to love on him for days when I worked late. Previous Horse reverted to Wild Stallion of the Plains when he wasn’t in work. Since this was a horse who would happily bite or kick if he got a clear opportunity, we had a few behind-the-barn, attitude adjustment sessions. Rodney’s default is to be afraid of the universe. On Monday, he was shivering and pulling away if I even thought about touching him during the heating session. Unfortunately I have no patience with wimps. In truth, I have little enough patience to begin with, but beta behavior in cats, dogs, horses, or people puts me right out of countenance. Saying ‘Get over yourself’ comes more naturally to me than saying ‘There, there’. So, we are taking the path of least resistance for the rest of the week. It’s not like a delay is going to throw off our show schedule.

How does your horse react to time off?

One thought on “Caution Feral Horse

  1. Reaction to time off? On the ground? Fine. I can take a week off from ground work and she gets right down to business like a champ. Pretty much. Ok, maybe some funny business on the lunge line, but that doesn’t last long.

    Under saddle? Have I mentioned that I ride a bottle rocket? Yeah. Good times!

    As for your patience (or lack thereof)? I feel your pain. Not my strong suit either!

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