The Barefoot Boy

Work: house rules stipulate that farrier = day off. What can I say, Previous Horse trained me well.

We deweaponized Rodney’s hind feet early on. At the end of last year, I had the blacksmith remove his front shoes as well. He’ll probably need them back in the summer for stomping flies. Meanwhile this will give him a chance to grow foot. Taking his fronts off has also completed his transformation from fancy stall-bound show horse to redneck yard art.

I’ve seen horses being ridden immediately after being shod. Do yours or do they get the day off?

One thought on “The Barefoot Boy

  1. My husband shoes our horses so it’s kind of like the shoemaker’s kids who never have any shoes. Consequently, he typically goes out on a Saturday or Sunday morning, slaps a set of new shoes on the ones who need ’em, comes back in and changes his boots, then goes back out and rides for the rest of the day. So no, no rest for the weary. The farrier, that is. 😉

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