Facilities – Other Writing: USDF Connection April 2014

“Behind The Scenes: Ben Esh, Equine-Facility Design and Construction” April 2014 USDF Connection United States Dressage Federation A short interview with barn designer & builder. Dressage in the Mainstream In yesterday’s New York Times crossword puzzle, 28-across was Dressage rider, at times? Answer: COLT REVOLVER. Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2014 List ofContinue reading “Facilities – Other Writing: USDF Connection April 2014”

Obedience Epiphany

Saddlebred riders do not want obedient horses. Bear with me. Dressage and saddleseat have many similarities: rearward balance and an uphill shoulder from the horse, seat and posture from the rider. That is a topic for another post. A dressage horse trotting down centerline has no idea what the test is. Rides at home areContinue reading “Obedience Epiphany”