Photos, Rural Sunset

Images Awareness of the outside world. PetaPixel: Conjoined Cats Win Comedy Pet Photo Awards, Schneider, Sep 21, 2022. ~~~ Sunset. Shelby County, Alabama. 22 September 2022. Manual (or possibly Aperture priority, many buttons where pushed and dials turned. It was an evening for fiddling). Auto-focus. f/20.0, 1/100 sec,, ISO 160. Tripod. No Cropping. NoContinue reading “Photos, Rural Sunset”

Driving Thursday Returns

Driving Awareness of the outside world. Science Alert: Lupus Patients Go Into Remission in ‘Spectacular’ Immunotherapy Trial, Watson, 19 September 2022. ~~~ Driving Thursday returns! For now anyway. Long may it continue. Milton hitched twice last week at Stepping Stone Farm. We learned that hitching goes better with cookies. Good to know. Check out theContinue reading “Driving Thursday Returns”

Views of Vulcan, Protective Stadium Mural

Images Awareness of the outside world. Protective: Community Involvement. ~~~ Entryway at the South Gate of Protective Stadium. Photos taken 6 July 2022. [Volunteering at The World Games] Links 40Visuals: Rough Textured Brick Wall Vinyl Graphics Bring Magic to Birmingham’s Protective Stadium, May 11, 2022 Vulcan Park & Museum Archive [Views Of Vulcan] Onwards!Katherine

Life in Alabama, Being a Bad Blue Dot In A Really Red State

Words I am not upholding the side. I live in the Deep South. I did not grow up in the South, deep or otherwise. I’m living the meme. A bright blue dot in a really red state. According to a NYT widget, 930 of the 1000 voters around me are in the opposite political partyContinue reading “Life in Alabama, Being a Bad Blue Dot In A Really Red State”