Walking Virtual Angkor Wat

Fit To Ride Awareness of the outside world. Eden Reforestation Projects. ~~~ Angkor Wat Virtual Challenge – The Conqueror20 miles/32.2 km Walk Report, over on storage blog, mostly screenshots of streetviews. [Walking Virtually, Angkor Wat] Started 1 Jan 2022. Ended 25 Jan 2022. Done in 25 days with 23 walks, mostly one mile per day, loggedContinue reading “Walking Virtual Angkor Wat”

Home Team Update, Present and Future, February 2022

Riding Awareness of the outside world. AL.com: University of Alabama publishes digital version of MLK ‘Letter from the Birmingham Jail’, by The Associated Press, by Ken Roberts, The Tuscaloosa News, Feb. 06, 2022.~~~ Milton Continues to do what he does. At a distance. [Home Team Update, Milton, January 2022] Continues to think a short session ofContinue reading “Home Team Update, Present and Future, February 2022”

Considering Saddlebred VERSAtility

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part 12. The first Alabamians arrived 13,000 years ago, long before Moundville, Pillion 20 Dec 2021.~~~ I joined the American Saddlebred Versatility Association. That caused me to gather my thoughts about Saddlebred Sport Horses. At this point, gathering my thoughts means gathering posts. Here ya go. ASBContinue reading “Considering Saddlebred VERSAtility”

Virtual Tevis Announced For 2022

Riding Awareness of the outside world. “The economy has boomed under President Joe Biden, putting the lie to the old trope that Democrats don’t manage the economy as well as Republicans. (Para) This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The economy has performed better under Democrats than Republicans since at least World WarContinue reading “Virtual Tevis Announced For 2022”

Mindset Monday, The Crux

Riding “Buck up, Sissy Pants.” Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. (I want you to imagine an illustration of a caterpillar looking at its feet.) Despite saying I wasn’t gonna … [Taking A Hunter Break] … I scheduled a lesson. [Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style] One. Looking at second week without riding. I hadn’t realized Rodney was planningContinue reading “Mindset Monday, The Crux”

Blog Logo, Collage

Images Awareness of the outside world. @Ada_Palmer posts pretty pictures on Twitter under #Something Beautiful.~~~ ~~~ Process Notes. Idea for a collage came from Artistcoveries: “A Fearless Attitude of Play”. Although, these are closer to what the post considers a collection than “creating images from other images.” In other words, it’s not art, but it wasContinue reading “Blog Logo, Collage”

State of the Blog, Cross Platform Commenting, Briefly, With Guest Photos

Blogging About Blogging Awareness of the outside world. “Fourth, blogs are dead. OK, this is not actually one of the reasons I quit blogging. It is, however, basically true.” Fat Cyclist: The End, Jan 2022. If everyone is switching over to podcasts, does that mean we have circled back to radio? Also, regardless of theContinue reading “State of the Blog, Cross Platform Commenting, Briefly, With Guest Photos”