State of the Fitness, Keeping Track, Lap Counting With Sound

Fit To Ride Awareness of the outside world. Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022. Athletics should be about international cooperation outside of politics. Yes. There are things in life more important watching a handful of folks slide around on ice and snow. Also yes. I don’t know where that leaves us.~~~ I’ve done the pasture loop manyContinue reading “State of the Fitness, Keeping Track, Lap Counting With Sound”

Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part 11. Woolly mammoths, sabertooth cats and more roamed Alabama in the last Ice Age, Pillion 14 Dec 2021.~~~ I was easing into a second week of zero saddle time, so I scheduled a lesson at Stepping Stone Farm. Would I like to ride Dottie? WhyContinue reading “Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style”

Home Team Update, Milton, January 2022

Riding Awareness of the outside world. “In the county itself, a local Episcopal church in Athens announced it would be conducting a discussion of the book Feb. 3. The event will include discussion about the complicity of many churches in the systematic murder of Jews during the Holocaust, as well as modern-day antisemitism.” Jewish Telegraphic Agency:Continue reading “Home Team Update, Milton, January 2022”

Words Worth Knowing, Vorfreude

Images Awareness of the outside world. Is there a word for the joy of travel when some one else has done all the work? YouTube: Mississippi By Canoe, subtitled, 950,00 Stokes, A Journey Down the Mississippi River. Meincke.~~~ Vorfreude is the enjoyment of things to come, pre-joy. “Vorfreude combines the prefix vor (similar to theContinue reading “Words Worth Knowing, Vorfreude”

Ambassadors & Aliens, Fiction Fragment

Words Trainee Diplomat: I’m here to pick up supplies for a meeting with the Crystal Cubes. Resource Manager: You know that you will have to use their official name in the meeting? Trainee Diplomat: Yes. I’ve been practicing. (emits screeching nose.) Resource Manager: Not bad. Needs more accent on the first syllable, but they’ll understandContinue reading “Ambassadors & Aliens, Fiction Fragment”