Reader Survey: Legit or Not?

As you read this (Jan 12, 2013), I will be at my second saddleseat show. I am entered in Beginner Walk-Trot. According to the rules, I am at the correct level. However. At times I find this ridiculous. I’ve been riding for how many years? On Previous Horse, I was able to check my girthContinue reading “Reader Survey: Legit or Not?”

Is It Safe To Crawl Out From Under My Rock Yet?

Funeral, dental woes, rainbow bridge. I’ve been an off-topic basket of cheer haven’t I? Sunday: We had to take our seriously senior dog on the one-way trip to the vet. He’d been decrepit for a while but until last week he passed the bologna test. You know the one. Animal lying about marinating in ennui,Continue reading “Is It Safe To Crawl Out From Under My Rock Yet?”