You’ll Have To Imagine The Ears, Rodney Straps On A Saddle

Awareness of the outside world. Have you heard of Superforecasting? Forbes: Can Businesses Learn ‘Superforecasting’? Easier Said Than Done, David, 2015. The commercial iteration is Good Judgement. Gives free samples on their Public Dashboard. On one hand, cool idea. On the other hand, the explanations have a whiff of smart people being impressed with themselves. That could be my own issues with elitism.


Remember when I said Rodney would spend the winter learning on long lines? [Status Quo Equine, State of the Now]

Well, that didn’t happen. [What Kept The Tack Room Door Shut]

Dragged out saddle & reintroduced horse to the concept of being a riding horse. Twice! Since we have done nada, we are starting at the beginning edge of square one. Statue exercise with brief walks.

No media. Completely forgot both times. Maybe when it’s not quite so much of a novelty.

Our stand exercise has evolved over the years.
[Here We Stand] 2013
[Here We Stand, Still] 2018
[Thar He Stands] 2020


4 thoughts on “You’ll Have To Imagine The Ears, Rodney Straps On A Saddle

  1. Have you ever suspected that Rodney is uneasy about the camera/phone?
    Just a thought.

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