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Welcome to the Book Club Blog Hop. “So, for post content, I would be more interest hearing stories that only you could tell.” [Stall Rest Chronicles 11 Feb, and Book Club Blog Hop Announcement]

Life with Horses Is Never Orderly, by Morgane Schmidt (Trafalgar Square 2021).
From the webcomic The Idea of Order

New Story

He’s never done anything like that before. Page 7. The Idea of Order: Every.Single.Time.

Tried out a horse for sale. Walk. Trot. Between trot & canter, horse misbehaved. I don’t remember the specifics, but it was a dealbreaker. Owner said ‘he’s never done that before.’

Actually, she was quite friendly about it. She understood that we would not want the horse after that. If she were trying a horse, she wouldn’t either.

But really, he’s never done that before.

She was mystified.

Stories I Have Already Told

Top 10 Ways to Bring About Lameness (in the not so distant future) #6. Step up and get a USDF lifetime registration for your horse. Page 34. Cartoon, Horse Nation: Top 10 Ways to Bring About Lameness. Rider rather than horse, but the spirit is similar. “I splashed out on life memberships for the USDF and the USEA … I have never used them.” [Ambushed By My Mailbox]

The barn … where time goes to die. Page 165. Cartoon, The Idea of Order: Barn Time… . Saddle seat lesson day. “A 10 am lesson means I get home no sooner than 3 pm. I arrive home hungry, tired, and in need of a shower. By the time I repair the damage, it is 5 in the evening and I am wondering where the day went.” [Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson]

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    1. Kind of gross, but,,,remember the bit where she talks about cleaning her geldings’ sheath? Chief having been a stallion for most of his life, well, not quite as blatant as the one in the illo…..

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