Stall Rest Chronicles 22 March, Lunch Is Served

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase IV]

Third month post surgery
Week 2 of four weeks pasture rest

Sheldon, what did we say about being a nicer friend?
Leonard, what did we say about being a gullible weenie?

The Anything Can Happen Recurrence, BBT: Big Bang Theory Quote 3612

Yesterday, I said that the horses go out and graze all day. [Stall Rest Chronicles 21 March, The New Is No News]

They do. With one exception.

Some days they come in for lunch.

The first day, last Wednesday, I went to check on them. Many, many times. [Stall Rest Chronicles 17 March, Release Both Krakens]

Around noontime, they were hanging out in the run-in shed. We suspect Milton was tired.

Hay snack!

Both horses are in a calorie-acquisition phase. Rodney because always. Milton because of his recent, inadvertent diet and subsequent weight loss. So, they get to eat whenever & as much as they want.

I served hay.

Milton was a jerk. He ran around trying to monopolize all hay piles. Yeah, he was probably tired.

Rodney was not helping. He wouldn’t eat at any of the alternate locations. ‘Hay is served there. I must go there.’

I finally opened the stall door. Would Rodney care to lunch in solitude? Yes, he would.

So, if they are up around at lunch time, I put Rodney in the stall and serve a hay snack.

It is hard to predict which days they will come in. One day on the weekend; not the other. Rained the preceding Friday. I expected Rodney to nope out of the entire day. Yet, they never even came in for lunch. Stayed out all day in little to moderate rain. Go figure.


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