Stall Rest Chronicles 16 March, Turnout Day 2, Same Turnout, Fewer Tentacles

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase IV]

Day 2. Less drama; still much mood.


Horses led out with stern warning that the alpha mare was on the case. Nonsense would not be tolerated.

Alpha mare, in this case, being a title of authority rather than gender. Husband has been putting Rodney out, as he can be more patient when Rodney is in a mood. I tend to tell Rodney to get over himself, which is not helpful.

Everyone behaved and was released quietly.


Both horses came back into the barn during their turnout session.

The second time Milton came back, we figured he was ready to be in. When we closed the gate, he was all, ‘Wait, wait. I’m not done!’ I can relate. It’s the difference between having a car and choosing not to drive anywhere versus not having a car and being stuck at home.

Rodney also came wandering back in, which is unusual for him lately. Perhaps they are ready to be out together? But then Rodney got too close to the open top of the stall door and Milton tried to bite him.


Milton went out. Got wound up. Which got Rodney wound up.

Milton came in. Was over it, mostly from being tired.

Rodney did not believe the order to stand down. Ran off. Which got Milton wound up again.

Okay, everyone in for the night. DST means another hour of daylight in the evening. Not relevant. The peoples are done.


2 thoughts on “Stall Rest Chronicles 16 March, Turnout Day 2, Same Turnout, Fewer Tentacles

  1. Kids! I tell ya — they’re just a mess some days!

    This is what I think, when I see some ridiculous behaviors or actions, that remind me that horses supposedly have the maturity and emotional IQ of 3-5 year children, but contained in very large bodies.

    Good luck.

    Milton & Rodney are luckier than they will ever know.

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