Photo Lesson at the Dog Spa

Because in an alternate, non-colic timeline, Friday posts are about photography. While taking photos of the dogs, I had an inadvertent educational session concerning my phone. I dislike inadvertent educational sessions. [Rubber Ducky Day 2020, process notes]

Did you know that camera phones have focus lock?

Mine does.

Did you know that focus lock shows up as a big yellow circle on the screen?

I do now.

The dog dude of the family washed both dogs while I documented the process, which is a fancy way of saying I took photos while he did all of the work. So my mind was on taking photos quickly and staying out of the way. I noticed that the photos were dark but I figured, ‘Meh, we’re indoors. It’s gonna be a little dark. I don’t want to take time to check how the photos are turning out. What it that yellow circle doing over there?’


Got rid of focus lock. Room was plenty bright. Missed most of Jasmine’s bath. Phooey.

[The Dogs Have A Spa Day]


4 thoughts on “Photo Lesson at the Dog Spa

  1. That’s not four you are talking about but aperture and/or shutter speed—i know nothing about phone cameras. Aperture is how much light is allowed in (size of opening) and shutter speed is how long light is allowed in. Focus has to do with the lens and depth of field… oh dear. This is too much for a comment. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to figure it out.

    1. “… but aperture and/or shutter speed.” True. I guess it locks all kinds of things. Internet talks about AF/AE lock, which I take to mean auto-focus/auto-exposure lock. Yay. More inadvertent educational sessions.

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