Stall Rest Chronicles 15 Feb, with Photo Poll

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Week 7 post surgery
Week 1 of paddock rest

Sent weekly photo to vet. Got the thumbs up.

Vet asked us to feel along the incision for soft spots, which might indicate a possible hernia. In-house medical advisor says tum feels okay, and he managed not to get kicked. Milton doesn’t like his belly touched on a good day.

Got clarification on phase III turnout. No trotting. To the vet, a “small” paddock means an area where the horse can walk and graze but not have space to trot. Both of our horses are capable of trotting in the stall. Hand walking it is! [Stall Rest Chronicles 13 Feb, Phase III]

Speaking of tele-vet, should I include the visuals? We don’t have many from immediately after the surgery. At the clinic, the incision was covered most of the time, either with iodine and medical tape or with a belly band. By now, the wound is fairly benign. The incision is closed, save for minor leaking. Each photo is mostly a big expanse of shaved gray belly with a line down the middle. It’s fine, as long as one doesn’t stop to consider what it represents. (Pause to shudder.) Do you want to see the pics?


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  1. Perhaps you could include the photos in a link?
    That way, as my Dad used to say, “It’s up to the individual”.

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