Stall Rest Chronicles 7 Feb

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Week 6 post surgery
Week 4 of stall rest

Rolled! Outside!

Milton has rolled before. Those were inside. This was the first time he chose to wallow in the mud. Back when Milton was at the clinic, vet said Milton wouldn’t roll until Milton was sure he could get back up.

In this instance, Milton’s minder said that he knew Milton was looking for a spot. When Milton found the right place – what makes one place better than another? – Milton had dropped to his knees before Minder realized.

Almost as if Milton thought it wouldn’t be allowed so he needed to be quick about it. A ‘better to beg forgiveness than ask permission’ situation. Milton doesn’t usually roll on the end of a leadrope.

One side only this time.


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