Stall Rest Chronicles 1 Feb

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. [Begin]

Week 5 post surgery
Week 3 of stall rest

Milton is not! pleased! Yummy alfalfa in a slow-feeder hay net. Less interesting, free choice timothy below. In case you are not up on hay types, think steak and brussel sprouts.

Yesterday, two readers expressed amazement at our patience. One) Thank you. Two) Is it patience if you don’t have a choice? I mean, yes, on the grand scale of things, one always has a choice. Given that we have taken responsibility for Milton’s care, we have made our choice. Three) So far – crosses fingers – Milton has made it easy. In contrast, “At least Charlie got to spend a day out with his friends? He’s a good dog, but….. a little bit of a terrorist on stall rest.” ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing: mud – 1; emma – 0. Given the context, I think the author is taking about a matter of days, not four weeks and counting. Keep up the adaptable attitude, Milton. We appreciate it.


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