Winter Protocols, Tea Service Has Begun


Awareness of the outside world. MAR-A-LEGO: Search and Seizure Edition. At approx minute 5:50 in the monologue YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live or on Facebook: Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hat tip to M.


A unseasonably early snap of low temps a few weeks ago jump-started our winter habit of bringing hot water to the barn on cold nights.

Downside. Carrying heavy buckets of water to the barn. Getting attitude from Milton when it is the wrong temperature. I think one should bring the water as hot as possible. That way it will stay hot longer, right? Wrong! Milton wants it served in an immediately available condition.

Upside. Knowing they are getting enough to drink. Watching them enjoying their tea.

Previous Tea Posts

“Mathilda would wait for her tea to cool to a drinkable temperature. Rodney plunges his nose right in and slurps down half a bucket. Milton gets pissed … Yes, we laugh at him. We also bring him a bucket of warm water.” [Goldisnoot 2015]

“At the end of last week’s cold snap, the water deliveryman provided reduced service for the final trip. Hot water placed next to cold leftovers … Instead, Milton took a sip of hot, then a sip of cold, then a sip of hot …” [Goldisnoot Revisited 2015]

Fighting over the hot water. (I brought more.)

Fighting over the hot water. (I brought more.) [Foto Friday: Snow Day Photo Essay 2018]


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