Promotional Brochure for The Lunar Experience!(TM), Fiction


Be a Moon Rat without leaving Earth!

You love the comic!

Now live the life!

The Lunar Experience!(TM) is an underground, full-scale reproduction of the first lunar habitat. Tunnels, lighting, hydroponic growing areas. Everything but the gravity!

While you are living in The Lunar Experience!(TM), you will participate in every aspect of Moon Rat life. You will help with machine maintenance, do air checks, even help write a sample comic. Our Moon Rat reencators will guide you through your daily activities.

It’s not all work at The Lunar Experience!(TM), you can chose from light shows, concerts by lunar-trained musicians, and dances choreographed to simulate low-gravity moves.

The Lunar Experience!(TM) offers custom packages. From overnights to week-long immersions. From family-friendly to group social mores. From Lunar-influenced food to an entire week of Moon Rat rations.

The moon is only a train ride away!

We live here!

Now you can too!

~~~ curtain ~~~

Author’s Note. The one that got away & free fiction for you.

This was supposed to be Dreaming of the Moon as a Kid, a third storyette inspired by EM’s wonderful illustration.

Premise One sounded a lot like “Chrysalis”Jurassic London’s Stocking Stuffer (Jurassic London, 2014).

Convergent evolution. I had already started mine when I found the other.

No problem. I’d only written a few lines.


Premise Two sounded a lot like the Lawrence Watt-Evans story Why I Left Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers – Escape Pod 413, with The Lunar Experience playing the part of Harry’s Diner.

I’d read this a while back so mine could definitely be an echo.


TLE was past of both stories so that’s what I went with.

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