Getting The Rules Straight, An Email


Introductory note. This was an email sent to yet another hunter barn I am talking to about lessons. All the riding programs around here are full up. I suspect outdoor activities have done well through the pandemic. But I digress.

Devil’s Panties is an autobiographical comic. The artist/author has a rule that if it gets a laugh, it becomes a comic.

This got a laugh.

To be clear, the person who laughed was not the recipient. Or maybe they also laughed, history does not record. The person who laughed was someone who knows Rodney IRL. (Waves hi!)


Dear X:

Lesson Horse. I am still interested in being on your wait list. You said maybe Sept? Possibly August. While I am waiting, at some point I would like to come watch a lesson and introduce myself.

For the moment, I have another question. What are the rules for showing Academy at your show on the X? Is it limited to school horses?

I am an adult with a fancy horse who has … issues. He’s currently trotting poles and low cross rails. We showed in the fun classes at Falcon Hill. Wanted to check to see if the rules were different for different shows. [Crossrail Contender]

I am an AHJA member, although I have yet to show in an AHJA class. [In Which We Almost Have a Jumping Lesson, In other news]

Jumper tack okay?

I do worry about being in classes with kids and ponies. I would be more worried if they weren’t going to soundly trounce me.

So, okay to bring horse for end of the day classes?


Closing note. The part that got a laugh was Rodney having … issues. I mean, am I wrong? I included the rest as an update. I do so love being able to reuse text. I added the links for the post. Have not addressed the subject of the blog with new hunter barn.

Also, show management said riding in the Academy classes was just fine. So, off we go to conquer more crossrails.


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