How Long Ago?


Awareness of the outside world. Behold! This is the first photo of the Milky Way’s monster black hole Sagittarius A*, Cooper, 1 day ago (12 May).


Recently, someone asked how long I’d been messing with horses. Depends when you start counting.

First pony ride, Bucky, 1968?, age five-ish, 54? years ago. [Aunt Faity]

First summer camp, with riding as one of the activities, 1970, age seven, 52 years ago. [Counter Factual]

First horse-specific summer camp, horse care as one of the activities, 1973, age ten, 49 years ago. [Flashback]

First leased horse, began hanging out at barns on the regular. 1978, age fifteen, 44 years ago.

A long time ago at a horse show far, far away. Photo by Deborah Rubin

First horse, 1982, age nineteen, 40 years ago. [The Unexpected, photo]

I generally count from when I started leasing, which is when horses went from a summer activity to year-round.

How about you? How long? How do you count?


4 thoughts on “How Long Ago?

  1. And at age 10, a ribbon in Barn Management (?) or as your grandfather said, shoveling… Even then, you knew…

  2. Wouldn’t know how to count, about 7 years when illness didn’t allow horses. Still loved them, read books and magazines, added to my collection of models…

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