Camp Counter Factual

Stall drapes seen at a saddle seat show in 2015.
Stall drapes seen at a saddle seat show in 2015.

Back in the stone age, I went to a summer camp called Fire Place Lodge, on Gardner’s Bay in Long Island, NY, USA.

Aside. The camp no longer exists physically. I believe the buildings were burned down as a local fire department exercise. However, nothing goes away in the digital world. Research for this post turned up a FPL page on Facebook. Totally flashback. That’s not me any of the pictures, but it could be. It so could be. Weird. End aside.

The camp had the standard suite of scheduled activities: swimming, drama, arts & crafts, etc. After three years of this, I announced that I wanted a riding-specific camp. My mother let me choose. I wrote away for information. I poured over catalogues. In the end, I chose Camp Longacres, East Aurora NY.

Aside. Still exists.

One of my other choices was Bobbin Hollow.

Aside. Ditto.

Longacres is hunter/jumper. Bobbin Hollow is saddle seat. I remember that I liked Longacres for their lack of fixed schedules. I don’t think I knew the difference between riding disciplines at that point. Imagine if I had gone to a saddle seat camp at the age of 10.

The forks in your road?

A counterfactual conditional is a type of if-then logic statement.

Counter Factuals is a game played on The Big Bang Theory.

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