Word Of The Week, Anniversary


Married 34 years ago today.


Process note. I had originally envisioned the word as a swirly, lacy design. Eleven letters in a festival of interlocking swooshes, dynamic swoops, and clever hidden shapes. Curves are hard to render digitally. Curves are even harder to render digitally when you can’t draw what you have in mind on a piece of paper. Apparently, I am not a swirly, lacy person.

[Anniversary Hearts] 2021
[Letter Art: I is for I Love You] 2016
[26 Years] 2014
[Good Things] 2013
[Husband Training] 2012
[Aftermath] 2000

Been There, Done That: Congratulations and Best Wishes


4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week, Anniversary

  1. 34 years ago today. Wow! It was a beautiful day and the start of a beautiful marriage. Congratulations!

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