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Awareness of the outside world. Brick Bending, Geometric art in LEGO® brick. Considered an “illegal” technique because it will damage your bricks. And explode, BB: Safety Lecture by the artist. “It’s my unofficial understanding that within the confines of official LEGO® set design guidelines, many of the building techniques I use are not allowed. Essentially, any building technique that puts the bricks under stress beyond the official tolerances that the LEGO® Group has specified are forbidden among official LEGO® designers. From their perspective–as a business–this makes a lot of sense. From my perspective–as an artist–I can’t think of anything more interesting than pushing these bricks to their absolute limits. For me, that’s where the magic lies. BB: FAQ

The link was supposed to be showing you the artistry, not discussing the “legality”, but I thought his summary was a fascinating contrast of business vs art. I wonder what the LEGO group thinks of him. On one hand, he’s doing unmentionable things to harmless bricks. OTOH, he’s bringing LEGO designs into spaces were you don’t usually see them, PMG: Sherwood Center for the Arts ‘Brickbending’ exhibit, by Urenda, 2020. Plus it’s pretty.

Pulls self out of rabbit hole with effort.
Yesterday was our 33rd wedding anniversary. I know, I can’t believe it either.

33 hearts.

To prove it you, and to myself, I shaded the rings to count the hearts. 16+4+8+4+1=33

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Congratulations! 33 years. I still remember getting lost on my way home from your wedding as if were yesterday.. You and Greg have something wonderful together. Blessing to you both.

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