Mardi Gras Beads III


Awareness of the outside world. In better times. What’s On: Malanka – The Ukrainian Mardi Gras, Reaney, 2018. Seems to be more New Year’s Eve than Lent, but if wants to call it MG, who am I to quibble. Peace be unto them. BTW, Eastern Orthodox Lent starts next Monday, because Julian calendar.


You come to check out the photo shoot. You become the photo shoot.

Whoa there, wild horse.

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KATC: Mardi Gras horses to be adopted after carnival season ends, Feb 09/10, 2022.

“The Carousel is only one of 100 hand-carved carousels remaining in the United States and the only one in Louisiana.” New Orleans City Park: The Carousel. NOLA & horse. Not Mardi Gras. Two out of three.

“Yet behind all this glorious fun lies a simple truth: Winter was hard and people were kind. The parties of Mardi Gras celebrated charity and generosity.” Almanac: How Mardi Gras Started: Hard Winters and Charity, Garriss, February 8, 2018.


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