New Lesson Horse, Same Issues


Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama once had mountains taller than Everest, PIllion, Nov. 08, 2021.

Rode a new horse in my Hunter Barn lesson last week. Horse shall henceforth be know as Secundus, for obvious reasons.

Fixed the canter transitions from the previous lesson. [Remnants of Saddle Seat]

I know this because I ended up doing so very many canter transitions in this lesson. Seems I am still using too much hand. Not yanking or pulling, just too much hand signaling.

As a school horse, Secondus is naturally conservative with his energy.

Secondus: (cantering)

Me: (slightly adjusts position or redirects path)

Me: (inadvertently makes too much noise with hand)

Secundus: Okay, I’ll trot.

This is annoying. I haven’t ridden an ASB since the before times. In the intervening period, we have ridden the Virtual Tevis twice. That’s 20 months and 200 certified miles. Plus all the other riding. What’s with the saddle seat echoes?

The entire time I rode saddle seat, I had to deal with hunter/jumper/dressage habits. Such as putting my leg on a horse who was wildly opposed that maneuver. [Lessons, Theory Vs. Reality, “The suit horses can be touchy.”]

Now I’ve got saddle seat clogging up my hunter/jumper. This does not strike me as an efficient way to go about things.


“However, it also had the meaning of ‘favorable’ or ‘lucky.'” Wiki: Secundus

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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