Vicarious Travel, Gutenberg Bible at the NYPL



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Awareness of the outside world. Little Free Library. I would do this in a heartbeat, if I lived or worked or hung out in an area with foot traffic.

“The Lenox copy on display, printed on paper, is the first Gutenberg Bible to come to the United States, in 1847.”
The Gutenberg Bible
New York Public Library
Photos taken in 2019

Down The Rabbit Hole 7 Things You May Not Know About the Gutenberg Bible, by Andrews, 2015, updated 2018.

“As historian Ada Palmer explains, Gutenberg’s invention wasn’t profitable until there was a distribution network for books.” Business Telegraph: 7 Ways the Printing Press Changed the World, 2019. Included because I love Palmer as a source. Her, I don’t doubt. I question the rest of the article due to the inexplicable howler at the very end. [Numbers and Weaving]

“It is the declared objective of the Gutenberg Foundation in Mainz, Germany – the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg – to make his heritage accessible to the public and to preserve it.” Gutenberg Foundation.

NYPL: Patience and Fortitude Celebrate 100 Years, 2011. The lions in LEGO bricks by Nathan Sawaya.

NYC [archives]

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  1. We have Little Free Libraries in town. They are wonderful. Glad they are multiplying.

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