I Wave My Hoof At Your Aunties


Awareness of the outside world. Dear Black Son, a portrait project.

Did you notice Milton’s hoof in the photo yesterday? [Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet]

Curling his front leg is Milton’s go to stress move in-hand. Of course, his stress move under saddle is to hop around like a wind-up toy. But I digress.

The leg curl is what he does when the universe does not meet his requirements. Usually he picks up the left, but could be either.

He’s not kicking. He’s not striking. He’s not pawing. He picks the leg up and holds it in the air. It’s closer to a nervous fidget than anything else.

Dinner time? Curl.

Don’t like the sound of the air compressor filling the trailer tire? Curl.

Don’t like the vet clinic? Curl. Curl. Curl.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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