Carousel Animals, Coloring and Other Things


Dentzel Carousel Coloring Book: About the Cat

Down The Rabbit Hole

[Spirit Of Mississippi, Toomsuba, MS]
Meridian MS chose carousel horses for their version of Cows On Parade, Around Town Carousels Abound. Probably because of the town attraction, “Both the carousel and the carousel House are National Historic Landmarks.” Visit Meridian: Dentzel Carousel.

Emojipedia: Carousel Horse

LEGO sets. Brothers Brick: Grand Carousel, Brothers Brick: Carousel, with designer commentary.

The Battery Conservancy: Seaglass Carousel

National Carousel Association

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4 thoughts on “Carousel Animals, Coloring and Other Things

  1. I have several books, 3 on Trail of Painted Ponies, others on similar displays in other places. Nice when you can’t see them in person.

  2. One set of my grandparents lived in Meridian, MS and I have a happy memory of going to see the the amazing carousel as a little girl- it’s something to see!!

  3. Trail of Painted Ponies. I wish someone would do a comprehensive list of what animals have exhibited where. Seems like a very Internet sort of thing for someone to do. If it’s been done, I haven’t found it.

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