Carousel Animals, Fiction Bits and Other Things


Fiction Bit The First
Character One: Like the song says, life is a carousel, old chum.

Character Two: Cabaret.

Character One: What?

Character Two: ‘Life is a cabaret, old chum.’ That’s what the song says, The word is cabaret.

Character One: That doesn’t make any sense. Life is much more likely to go up and down and around in circles than to break into a song and dance routine.

Character Two: (shrug)

Fiction Bit The Second
I carve carousel animals.

When I tell people what I do, I’m generally met with dead silence. People understand the words but have trouble parsing how a grown human can make a living that way. Then I get one of two responses.

Disbelief. People do that? How? What? Followed by embarrassment at being shocked. Sometimes the disbelief is followed by more disbelief. The latter usually comes from family members who think I should be doing other things with my life.


Enthusiasm. Wow! That’s awesome! … wait for it …. “When I was a kid …” I’ve heard every variation of the childhood carousel story. I can usually identify which carousel they are talking about. I don’t mind, if people didn’t like carousels, I wouldn’t have a job.

Kate said neither. She glanced down at my hands.

“Power tools or hand?”

It was my turn to be startled into silence.

“Um. Both. As needed.”

She nodded.

Other People’s Fiction
From the bookshelf. Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee. Baen 2010. First in the Carousel Tides series. Read as an ebook. Magic is among us. Carousel animals are special. The tropes are familiar enough to qualify as a comfort read; different enough to be interesting. Name above in honor of the CT protagonist.

Down The Rabbit Hole

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down

The Circle Game

Joni Mitchel: Song Lyrics, The Circle Game. With background story.

I like to catch brass rings on the merry go round
The one that goes up and down

While my sweety in the rear says I ride like Paul Revere,
On the merry, merry go round.

Merry Go Round


Stay safe. Stay sane.

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