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Awareness of the outside world. World Water Day.
You are driving a trailer to a schooling venue. You have a choice of two routes.

Route A. Direct route. Two-lane. Winding. Not horrid but not lovely.

Route B. Longer. Wide, straight two-lane for most of the route. Easy ride for horses. Then 15% of trip is moderate unpleasantness up and over terrain to get back to the direct route.

Which would you chose?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. The horses probably have a preference, but it gets lost in the ‘Oh look, we’re here!’ attitude when we open the trailer door & window.

    Time is just a hair longer. But the twisty bit is really twisty. We mostly go than way for a while, get annoyed, take the direct route, remember why we don’t go that way, and go back to the long route.

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