Sisyphus At The Barn


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. Some people are behaving. Calculated Risk: Seven High Frequency Indicators for the Economy. The problem is that we don’t see the people who are staying home. The people who aren’t traveling. The people who aren’t partying in restaurants with 100 of their new best friends. Social responsibility is invisible.

One of my helper elves went dumpster diving.

BTW, for the barn equivalent of boulder rolling, I vastly prefer the two-wheeled muck carrier to at traditional wheelbarrow. Big enough for our capacity requirements. Lighter. More maneuverable. Plus the option of saucer separation if you only need the bucket.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

2 thoughts on “Sisyphus At The Barn

  1. My husband helped out a local friend after she fell from the loft and “blew her knee out.” She went to toss out a bale and went with it into a stall bedded with sawdust. (And a good horse.)

    So he mucked out stalls for months, and when I read your post out loud, he knew precisely what you were talking about. He learned the basics about horses. (I am the one who always wanted a pony.)

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