Inktober, I Had Such Plans


Awareness of the outside world. Zen Pencils: Ira Glass’s Advice For Beginners. Yes, I have linked to this before. Probably will again. Improvement is not about becoming commercial. Improvement in art is about learning to give physical form to that which exists in your head. Not the point I am making below, but still a good point. Keep working. Get it out there. The world needs your voice.
With tomorrow’s post, Inktober 2020 is over for me.

I had such plans.

When Inktober 2019 ended, I was so pleased with myself. I had made art. Not a lot, tis true, but art. [End of the Road]

I had such plans.

Carry this momentum through the rest of the year! Incorporate art into my life! Art as a daily practice. Nothing complicated. Decorated words. Doodles. Mark-making. As little as 10 or 15 minutes a day. How hard can that be?


“Draw” languished on my ToDo list alongside “Stretch”. Neither got done. Fortunately, lack of art did not come with the unpleasant physical side effects. [Brought It On My Own D*mn Self]

Inktober 2020.

I had such plans.

As last year, I chose the once-a-week option.

Forget the failures of the past year. Spend this month concentrating on committing art each day and then come up with a post each Sunday.

Again, I say unto you, Ha!

I ended up doing just enough to get the posts out. On week three, I couldn’t even do that.


Art joins the pile of things that I like in theory but don’t actually accomplish.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or are my interests unusually scattered wide-ranging?

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Inktober, I Had Such Plans

  1. Maybe, like Tigger, you try different things and that’s wonderful. Meant-to-bes can only happen if you give them a chance.
    If you like new experiences, there’ll be a lot of paths not followed completely. I think the exploring and growing is life-giving. That doesn’t mean that each sortie is a commitment, a “should”.
    Don’t should on yourself!

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