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Awareness of the outside world. BBC: What did Jesus really look like?, by Joan Taylor, December 2015. Short version, the standard image dates from the Byzantine era. In other news, “Togas were circular (folded into a semi-circle to wear) and himatia were rectangular – modern toga parties, using sheets, are generally himation parties.” ibid.
We have a new toaster oven. It is diligent about indicating when a task is complete. Sometimes my chef forgets to clear the screen.

Imagine having this flashing at you as you enter a dark kitchen in the small of the night.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Thoughts From My Toaster Oven

  1. my toaster oven just dings.
    There was a fascinating documentary some time ago called “The face of Jesus”. It used the skull of a Jewish man of the same time period as the start point for reconstructions by computer forensic scientists and those who use the older method of clay and markers to build up a skull. The blue-eyed blond characterization has always seemed silly to me, there weren’t a whole lot of blue-eyed blonds among the Semitic peoples of that time and place. The result was a man with darkish skin, basically average looking, but they made his hair short and Jewish men of that time wore their hair long. Hair that short would be a sign of mourning.

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