Horses in Advertising, Kubota

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Have you seen the ad for the Kubota L Series Tractors?

“Kubota says that when you own horses, you don’t just own horses. You own a pasture, a barn, and hay, so you need a tractor to get every job done right.” Kubota Screenshots from iSpot page. Click over for video.

It’s legit horse farm, not a prop. Not only that, a sport horse farm with barn, pasture, ring, mounting block, and so on. The jumps and jumping saddle indicate a jumper or event barn. You could totally imagine riding there.

Yay for helmet!

They went for the high-end look. The rider is long-legged & blond. The arena is huge & gorgeous. The paths are trimmed & well groomed. The horse is all of the above – well, gray rather than blond – and super clean. No one on the property looks as if they ever need their poop picked. You could imagine riding there if you travel in more rarefied circles than I do.

Nice to see horses on television other than racing or western.

Anyone recognize the farm?

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7 thoughts on “Horses in Advertising, Kubota

  1. I was likewise happy to see a farm with a different sport than the usual ‘Western’ scene- I agree it looked beautifully pristine! Hope you are safe and well!

  2. What i especially like is the barn aisle without a fleck of hay, poop or other debris, especially since she’s carrying loose hay! But what a lovely place.

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