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I signed Milton up for the Thoroughbred Incentive Program run by the Jockey Club. “Created to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding.”

Turns out I had already opened an account, back in Sept 2014, back when I thought there was hope. I had suppressed that memory. Currently, Milton and I are still in a cool phase of our relationship, so I’m not feeling much hope at the moment. OTOH, he’s qualified. It’s free. Why not.


The number is blanked out of an overabundance of caution. What you are going to do with his T.I.P. number I have no idea. Saw a number. Blanked it. Automatic.

I need to write down his first show. I don’t know if that means first show ever, which would be July 2018 [The Canadian Horse & The Red Queen Take Second], or first show offering T.I.P. awards. Either way, he does not qualify for “Young TB” awards.

The inspiration to visit/revisit the program came from Saddlebred Addict and her OTTB Lacy placing 6th at Poplar Place & winning hi-point T.I.P. At least this time the ribbons were appropriately ornamental [Ribbon Rant]. Saddlebred Addict on the web: Show Horse, Sport Horse; Instagram; Facebook.

BTW, this ribbon-winning horse is looking for a new home, details below. No commission, no other arrangements. I figure including Lacy’s sale ad is a fair trade for supplying me with a blog post.


“Lacy” is a 2010 thoroughbred mare standing 15.2 hands. She is ridden by a 5’8″ rider.

Lacy currently competes novice in area III, quickly moving up from her first starter test at the beginning of the 2019 season. Brave, scopey and honest with three solid gaits, Lacy is a forward ride and goes well in a snaffle in all three phases. Hacks out alone or in a group, no buck, bolt or rear. Lacy prefers a quiet hand and would be ideal for an experienced amateur or an older junior rider looking for a fun horse to take up through the levels.

Lacy is very low maintenance. She competes barefoot and stands beautifully for the farrier. She goes out well with both mares and geldings and is currently happily on 24/7 turnout. She is also content in a stall and has no stable vices. Loads and hauls excellent. Great ground manners.

Mid- to high four-figures.
Located in the Huntsville, AL area.

BN Stadium at River Glen:
BN XC at River Glen:
Ridden at home by a junior; a talented 11-year-old rider who has only been riding for one year:

Please email for additional information.
Saddlebred Addict on the blog
[Ribbon Rant]
[Dressage Is For Every Horse, Two New Horse Blogs For You To Love].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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