And One More Thing, Alabama Obstacle Challenge Series, King’s Ranch, September 2019

Training Journal

Hey kids, let’s put on go to a show!
Paraphrasing Mickey Rooney, TV Tropes

Oh look, a sign. They’re having a show. Let’s go.

One of the more amazing parts of the obstacle show [Pink] was how we got there. We saw a road sign the weekend before the show. We knew about the AOCS [Because What I Need Right Now, Gotta Go Through It]. We wondered if the show would be having an in-hand class. Checked the event on Facebook. Yup, they were.

That was it. No months of planning. No multiple trips to acclimatize. We had a horse. We went to a show.

It was so … so … normal.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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