Looking Back, Awards SESHA 2014

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Found a draft from 2014 that I had never posted. as I am not one to let text go to waste, here it is. I am in the third photo, with Alvin. One of the original aims of the post was to illustrate the range of classes at saddle seat shows. Win reported [On the 5th Day of Christmas: Five Fluffy Foofs].
Winners of Southeast Show Horse Association Year End Awards
SESHA Facebook

sesha 1 border
Three-Gaited: Denise Treathaway (top left)
Equitation: Reagan Huguley (top right)
Open English Pleasure: CH Best Day Ever, with mother-daughter team Diane Dorsey and Allyson Bass (bottom left, Bass up, I think.)
Amateur Five-Gaited: Shiftin Gears and Alexis Braswell

sesha 2 border
Country Pleasure: Big Boy Elroy (left top)
Show Pleasure: CH Reggies Indigo Jim and Diane Dorsey (left middle)
Hunter: A Riot on 43rd Street with Ashley Brandies for Nancy Fortner (left bottom)
Western: New York Fire! with Jan Henderson riding, Jay Love training (right)

sesha 3 border
Academy WT Equitation and Showmanship: Brooke Zell (top left)
Walk Trot Pleasure: Autumn Zwilling on Chantillys Clarice, the youngest winner (top right)
Academy WTC Showmanship: Katherine Walcott (bottom left, photo from 2013. This year was Sam, Maggie, Lola & Bingo)
Academy Equitation: Grace Murrow (bottom right)

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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