Milton’s First Oxer

Grey Wonder, Jumping Diary


Ascending oxer. His mouth is open because his mouth is always open. He is always “Talking.” Milton has many opinions that he feels the need to express. The lines back to the handler are actually loose.

Also this one. Measured 2″1″. This is the height we will need for the Falcon Hill Farm jumper show that is not a goal [Aspirational Events]. Alas, lunging rather than riding. Riding jump height is currently half this. At least we know he can clear it. Gotta start somewhere.

Rodney a few days later. Two feet. No oxer.

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Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Milton’s First Oxer

  1. Progress! They both look like physically this isn’t much of an effort for them. It’s nice to see pictures of Rodney in action.

  2. Absolutely progress! I agree – nice to see some photos of Rodney in action – both look great, and both are moving forward!

  3. Interesting contrast in styles. Both were pretty relaxed about the jump, but Milton looks like he’s plopping over it while Rodney looks like he is powering over a big fence.

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