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“If it is not written down, it does not exist.”
Philippe Kruchten

Not sure the purpose of this as a blog post. However, I’ve had the formulation in my head for a while and wanted to get it written down.
I am in the extremely fortunate position of having a superabundance of horse shows arrayed in front of me. At the moment, my shekels and my Saturdays are being put aside for Milton, and maybe Rodney if the obstacle idea pans out. It would take a special Saddlebred to convince me to break out the show jods.

Three criteria
1) Simpatico. A horse with whom I can do more than steer around the ring and stagger into line-up. A chance to practice the nuances of showing.
2) Flashy. Silk togs on a cotton budget. A chance to learn suit horse maneuvers.
3) Academy.

The current barn occupants are hitting two out of three. (I recognize there is an element of high-handedness in pronouncing on the utility of horses who don’t even belong to me. My blog, my arrangement of the universe.)

Simpatico & Academy: Sam. Second only to Previous Horse in horses who speak a language that I understand. Backbone of the Academy program. Alas, Sam has hung up his show bridle and informed people that he is over the fancy prancing, thank you very much. Take him as he is or move on.

Flashy & Academy: Whiskey. Since he’s been at Stepping Stone Farm, Whiskey has showed in suit as often as in Academy. He was Reserve National Champion at National Academy last year. Alas, we are in the ‘I’m sorry, did I step on your foot?’ phase of our dancing relationship. What I can learn from Whiskey, I can learn at home.

Simpatico & Flashy: Dottie. Awesome horse. Awesome ride. Alas, no longer in the SSF Academy program. Sad face.

While I plan to continue with lessons, I don’t foresee a lot of saddle seat shows this year. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. And maybe an ASB will come along with whom you click first time out. It has happened. And maybe showing with Milton and even Rodney will come along the way you want it to. Not maybe. It will happen. I’m sure you’re going to get where you want to be.

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